Welcome to Scale-Details.
Please browse through the site and hopefully you find something you need to add that extra detail to your next build.
This site is more a hobby than a business and I design parts I would need for my future builds or other modelers asked me to to. With my designs I also try to enhance the look of the kit parts and get closer to the real thing.
Please note that my parts are produced in very small quantities.
If you have an idea for a detail part, please tell me your ideas and maybe this could be a future product.
I’m also looking for partners who can do CNC machining, photo etching, resin/white metal casting¬† and silk screened decals for me.


Since I only have a small range of products I don’t have an onlineshop. The best way is to look for me at ebay
under the username “scale-details-com” either on .com or .de or you email me.


Many people all over the world ask me if my kits are for sale. Basically some are some not. I spend countless hours building a model and spent a fortune on bits and pieces that it’s hard to part with the finished model.
But it’s of course possible to build models on request but please note that it will easily take months to finish a model. And a four digit price is more the rule than an exception, but in the end you own a one of a kind model.